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A Woman Who Worships

“WODP” President, Minister Eursula E. Carr

An experience with God that has left you in awe or speechless determines you have encountered a “Worship” moment.  It not only lasts for that moment, however, it adds to everything else God has invested in each person.  As women, it is time we step into another realm of worship.  We need to begin to invoke the presence of God in such a way, that His holy presence penetrates into our ordinary lives and begins to awake our consciousness about where we really are, what we need to do to get to the next level, and what we are capable of accomplishing.

In the word of God it states that we are called the “wailing women” women who get the attention of God when we approach the throne of grace.  We are the women who are not afraid to get messy, to get a Message from God.  Worship takes on many forms such as; prayer, confessions, silence, and meditative experiences all of which is centered on the true and living God.  Worship takes you from ordinary to extraordinary.  Prayers become more powerful and effective, confessions begin to heal and help those that can identify with your experience and where you’ve been, and silence/meditation trains you to hear Him speak to you.  Women, the enemy has handicapped us too long, and now God is challenging us to take a stand and put the enemy back in his place. 

Women, it is time to claim what is rightfully ours in the spirit realm.    It’s time we stand in the authority given to us by God, decreeing and declaring over our lives as well as our husbands, children and family.  Once we begin to live a life of worship, God will begin to unfold His plan and purpose for our lives.  It’s time to let go of all the past hurts, disappointments, and failures and let the presence of God transform us into the powerful, anointed, beautiful women in which He created us to be, from the inside out.  We have to allow God to penetrate our hearts and minds to have a willing and obedient spirit to begin to worship Him at the drop of a hat.  Worship creates an atmosphere of awe and reverence of who God is, which leads to an intimacy between the worshipper and God.

Remember, WORSHIP is a lifestyle and is a continuing requirement.